5 unique activities to do in Rome

Rome is famous about its historical monuments, ruins, palaces, fountains that you need to see once in your lifetime. BUT!

There is a bunch of unique, bohemian activities behind the scenes that you need to do in Rome! Hereby find our TOP5 preferred programs that you cannot miss:

  1. Bicycle trip on Via Appia Antica, the Regina Longarum Viarum, or “Queen of the Long Roads”, lined with pine trees, Roman ruins and catacombs. It was built in 312 BC to connect Rome to Brindisi in the south of Italy.


(source of the photo: homeandboatitaly.com)


  1. Enjoy a sunset picnic with a good bottle of wine and a great view of Rome at the Giardino degli Aranci on the Aventine Hill, surrounded by pretty orange trees.


(source of the photo: wantedinrome.com)


  1. Go for a jog (or stroll) at the Circus Maximus, ancient Rome’s first and largest chariot racing stadium.


(source of the photo: wikiwand.com)


  1. Mingle with the locals in the Monti neighborhood, the former “Suburra” of the Roman empire, and Prati that now is full with trendy bars, appetizing trattorias and alternative fashion and accessory shops.


(source of the photo: lazanzararoma.com)


  1. Bring home something vintage from Rome! In the neighborhood Monti, Pigneto and Trastevere you can discover several hip little stores where you surely find something special and unique.


(source of the photo: romaexplorer.it)

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