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1. Anticafè: the new wave of coffee

Ever sat at a cafe where you feel can the beady eyes of the barristas burning into the back of your head as you struggle to make your espresso last long enough to finish typing up the latest chapter of your novel? Or needed a place to work or hang out without feeling like you’re in the same old generic coffee house? You need a dose of Anticafè, the concept cafe that is turning the tables on the way businesses net a profit and customers converge.

Started in Russia and having spread first to Paris and now to Rome, Anticafé is a brand new contender on Italy’s cafè scene, with one goal; to provide a shared space for students, workers and sofa-slouchers where they can feel completely at home. “It’s a perfect place for people who don’t have an office space, or students to need to write their term paper in a tranquil environment,” says the café’s owner, Daria.


(photo source: anticafe)

Here’s how it works.

Instead of paying for coffee and grub, you pay for time. In other words, you can eat (sweet and savory snacks and seasonal fruit), drink (coffee and tea) and surf, print and scan as much as you like, within the amount of time you purchase. Four euros the first hour, then three for each successive hour. In addition you are also welcome to bring in your own food and soft drinks.

Free and fast wi-fi is one of the main features of Anticafé: an important, and often hard to find feature in Roman cafes. If you’re looking for offline fun, you can also take books from the café’s small library or play with their boardgames.

The combination of the quirky, informal interior and the sleek Scandinavian design makes it equally perfect place for business meetings or just chilling with friends. The café, located in San Giovanni, close to our BnB, even holds workshops, expositions and networking events in order to support its young and creative community by sharing experiences and knowledge.


Via Veio 4B, San Giovanni
Mon-Fri 9am – 11pm
Sat-Sun 10am – 11pm




2. Live Music, Cocktail bar and Bistrot in Rome: Black Market Monti

For those of you wanting to discover an authentic underground venue in Rome without a line of wannabe hipsters out the front, Black Market might be the spot for you.

This place is located in the heart of Rione Monti and features a raw venue with dim lighting, second hand vintage furniture and an array of nooks and crannies perfect for curling up into and enjoying a great glass of wine from France, Italy or even Australia! Black Market is also offering up its own limited edition beer.

If you’re looking for a light dinner, enjoy Black Market’s aperitivo buffet, offered nightly from 7 – 9.  If you want more than a bite to eat, enjoy a meal from Black Market’s newly added sit-down menu, which includes an assortment of salads, baked potatoes, club sandwich,  rolls and even sweets!

Each week Black Market hosts an array of cultural events, ranging from intimate Indie Rock concerts, fashion launches, cinema nights and live DJ sets to art exhibitions. Most popular for its unplugged sessions (www.unpluggedinmonti.com), patrons can get comfy on a cushion and enjoy the sounds of hand-picked bands, with the chance of winning a one-off graphic designed event poster. Events here are forever changing, so be sure to keep updated via its Facebook page Blackmarket or just rock up and be pleasantly surprised!

blackmarketblackmarket (1)


(photo source: indieforbunnies.com, b-eat.it)


Via Panisperna, 101 (Monti)

Opening time



3. TreeBar

Concept dear to the ancient Romans was ‘rus in urbe’ – or bits of the countryside in the midst of the city. Take tram 2 from Flaminio to Piazzale Manila and you will find just that: tucked beneath the greenery, Treebar lives up to its name. Inside or al fresco one can eat and drink at wooden tables, at a welcome tangent from the city bustle. As Luca, one of  the managers, will tell you, the link with the countryside is also there in the fare on offer. The grain used in the pizza, for example, ‘comes from our fields in Tuscia (TreeFarm), once the Etruscan heartland, and is stone-ground for fragrance and digestibility’. (Other interesting dishes are ‘Roast beef in green sauce,’ and ‘Salad with spinach, nuts and vegetables,’  to cite at random).

If the food is ‘the fruit of our own agricultural endeavor’, then the beer is home-brewed. Rare in Rome, the Birra Rossa is a bitter in the true English sense while the ‘white’ is based on a Belgian recipe containing hints of ‘orange, coriander and bergamot’, as explains the appetizing card it comes served with. At 5 to 8 euro a glass, wines vary from Alto Adige whites to deeply Sicilian Nerello, not forgetting French champagne or various cut-price Italian equivalents.

Cheers then to a bar/restaurant with a difference – and ideally situated on the way to or from the nearby Auditorium or Maxxi. Opening times are 11-3 then 6-1, except on Monday when from 6.30 pm ‘We like Mondays’ provides not only a meal or aperitivo but an event, including music, performances, book presentations, alternative cuisines, etc



(photo source: tripadvisor.com)


Via Flaminia, 226 (Flaminio)

Opening time

Everyday 11am-3pm / 6pm-1am

Closed on Monday for Lunch


Source of the info: www.romeing.it

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