The most beloved gelateries in Rome

Here are some gelateries from the magic list that could be very important during your vacation is Rome:


1. Gelateria Fatamorgana

Top Locations: Piazza degli Zingari, 5 (Monti), Via Bettolo, 7 (Prati), Via Roma Libera, 11 (Trastevere), Via Laurina, 10 (Via del Corso), Via Aosta 3 (Re di Roma)


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Why: Each visit to Fatamorgana is a new adventure for your taste buds. They change their selection frequently and their creative flavors vary from chocolate with tabacco, to gorgonzola. Fatamorgana ensures the gelato is prepared with ingredients and special techniques that guarantee all flavors are all gluten free.

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2. Gelateria Grom

Top Locations: Via Agonale, 3 (Navona); Via della Maddalena 30 A (Pantheon); Via dei Giubbonari, 53 (Campo dei Fiori).



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Why: Go beyond gelato and head to GROM for sorbets, ices and frappes. They have an extensive guide to each flavor’s ingredients for those with allergies or lactose intolerance. They never use any preservatives, or synthetic dyes and most of the fruit they use is from their own farm.

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3. La Romana

Top Locations: Via Ostiense 48, (Ostiense), via Cola Di Rienzo 2 (Prati)


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Why: Established in 1947 as a family run gelateria, La Romana have now expanded all over Italy. They have strict production rules,eco-friendly packaging and they publish a full list of ingredients on their website. Creative artisan gelato with a conscience.

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